Micronutrient testing or Comprehensive Nutrient Analysis

What is micronutrient testing?
Micronutrient testing is a comprehensive nutrient analysis that measures functional deficiencies at the cellular level of a person’s nutritional status.  It is used to assess how efficiently the body utilizes 31 vitamins, minerals, amino/fatty acids, antioxidants and metabolites.  It is a simple blood /lab draw that measures vitamins, antioxidants, fatty acids, minerals, metabolites on a more specific level.
Why should I care about micronutrient testing?
Evidence shows that micronutrient deficiencies are associated with inflammation and chronic disease, therefore affecting physical and mental health and ultimately quality of life.  The micronutrients tested enable production of enzymes, hormones, and other substances essential for proper growth, development and overall good health.  Despite taking supplements and multivitamins, 50% of people are actually micronutrient deficient.
I am healthy and I eat “right”, why am I still deficient in nutrients?
As we are unique individuals, the micronutrient requirements of one person may be different from another individual.  Deficiencies occur if you do not properly absorb vitamins, minerals and/or antioxidants.  People with chronic illnesses likely suffer from these deficiencies.  Micronutrient requirements vary from age to age and absorption is usually reduced as we get older.   Of course, certain medications, smoking, alcohol, physical/emotional stressors and poor lifestyle choices (such as a sedentary lifestyle) can impact micronutrient status and demands.
What conditions are affected by micronutrient deficiencies?
Mood disorders
Weight management
Sports nutrition
Cardiovascular disease
Stress tolerance
Women’s health
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