About the Practice

Wildflower Medical Consultants is an Integrative healthcare and Lifestyle medicine practice with a focus on cannabinoid medicine. We are concerned with the health of your mind, body, and spirit. Conventional medicine is less flexible in its approach, in that, it often does not allow for an individualized healthcare experience. We seem to have forgotten about treating the patient, the individual, the human being. At Wildflower Medical Consultants, we believe in helping the individual more than treating the numbers. That is why a comprehensive medical and pharmaceutical history will be taken. You will learn how to eat for your body’s needs and lifestyle.  Learn how to keep the body moving – the best way it can and at your own pace, and we will discuss the benefits of daily mindfulness and meditation. Lastly, a reminder to stay hydrated, no matter what. These are called Cannabimimetic therapies (non-cannabis substances or practices that stimulate the Endocannabinoid System). We are also able to assess your body’s micronutrient levels to examine nutrient deficiencies that may exist. Finally, we have enlisted specialists in each of these areas to assist you on your path to wellness.

What Makes Us Different

Individualized care – that’s what make us different. You will speak with a knowledgeable integrative cannabinoid physician, rather than a salesperson with knowledge about cannabis. Many people have more than one concern when they see their doctor. We will take into account all of your medical concern to arrive at a place and plan for you to feel better – with cannabis and other natural remedies.

What We Believe

Cannabis Health Equity Movement (Chem)™

The Cannabis Health Equity Movement (CHEM) is a call to educate, advocate, and demonstrate that cannabis is a core solution to achieving health equity for all people beginning with communities most divested of access to full health and wellbeing.

CHEM asserts that social equity is our vehicle while health equity is our destination. We believe that health equity should be the True North of not only the cannabis industry, but for all governments, public and private sector institutions, and individuals as we reimagine and create more prosperous societies for all people. Furthermore, we encourage utilizing the innovations of cannabis across the plant’s agricultural, industrial, medical, and nutritional uses as a direct means of achieving it. Learn more about our philosophy and the CHEM Pillars of Health Equity™ in the CHEM Manifesto.

ACHEM (The Association for Cannabis Health Equity and Medicine) is the movement’s professional medical association serving the needs of BIPOC healers and health and medical professionals in the advancement of health equity.

In coalition with other CHEM Partners, the organization extends its educational, personal and professional development programs, and expertise to the broader CHEM community and its partner networks. CHEM Partners are CHEM affiliates comprising ACHEM, CHEM Coalition members, community organizations, public and private academic institutions, allied corporate partners, and government agencies.

As a board member of ACHEM…

We’re On A Mission Of Big Changes.

Working to change minds and policies around “The Plant.”