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The science and study of the function, dysfunction, and modulation of the endocannabinoid system, better known as Endocannabinology

Lifestyle medicine focuses on educating and motivating patients to improve the quality of their lives by changing personal habits and behaviors.

There are several reasons to have a medical card, if you have a qualifying condition…

  • To reinforce the fact that cannabis is medicine
  • You are to be allowed personal attention at the dispensaries
  • Allowed to possess 2.5 oz vs 1 oz with adult/rec use
  • Often, the medical dispensaries will have “medical grade” products
  • Home growing allowed
  • Reduced tax burden – the 10% access fee is waived
  • It may be an sort of “insurance card” – Verify that you are using cannabis for medical benefit, not recreational use, should an incident occur

See the above Q/A…Also, there are some dispensaries that specialize in catering to the medical patient and will carry “medical grade” products.

There are only a few recognized conditions in which children or teens can safely use cannabis. However, there are studies that show extensive and consistent use of cannabis high in THC may cause significant problems with memory, mood, and possibly psychosis.

Not exactly. Some insurance plans may reimburse a patient for the consultation. To date, no insurance company is covering the cost of entering the state registry program.