Wildflower Medical Consultants

Wildflower Medical Consultants are a team of cannabis specialists that offers the full spectrum of services to assist with your medical cannabis needs. Together we bring our diverse backgrounds to educate, counsel and consult. We are a comprehensive team working together, towards helping you achieve total wellness. 

Doctor In Consultation With Depressed Female Patient

What We Do

Often people go into the dispensaries asking for the strongest products they have. We understand that people are just trying to feel better. However, they are all too often directed to the products with the “highest THC.” They often spend lots of time and money, by trial and error, to find what works for them. We are continually working with dispensaries and producers of various cannabis products, to ensure that they will carry just what you need.


In addition to your virtual visit with the doctor, you will receive helpful educational information. You will be allowed two 15 minute follow up visits, to ensure your success on the road to wellness.

Medical Card

Help you obtain a State of Nevada issued Medical Marijuana Card, if desired.

Review Medical Conditions

Review all of your medical conditions, including: Current health concerns that may be helped by using cannabis Medical history, Surgical history, Medications & Possible medical interactions with certain types of cannabis

Cannabinoids and terpenes

Give you a recommendation with the breakdown of specific cannabinoids and terpenes needed


Make actual recommendations of what type of cannabis to purchase


Find What Works

Tetragram is a smart, digital journal that helps you get the most out of medical cannabis.

It’s free, private, and secure.


Our Team


Chasity Torblaa

Medicinal Cannabis Concierge

Joi J Coffee

Joi J. Coffee

Medicinal Cannabis Evangelist