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 In 2012, Carmen F. Jones, MD, began seeing patients seeking recommendations for their medical marijuana card. Over that time, she has helped hundreds of patients enter the program and learn about cannabis as medicine. Because the majority of the patients are over 60 and experiencing some form of pain, it was very rewarding when they returned proclaiming that, “My life has been changed.”  With so many people experiencing relief for their ailments from this plant, she could no longer ignore its value. Since then, she has become a passionate patient advocate, helping patients manage their illnesses with medicinal cannabis.

Traditionally, Dr. Jones is a pediatrician with widely varied experiences over nearly 30 years. Additionally, she has been trained in medical aesthetics and as a research investigator.

Originally from Chicago, IL, Dr. Jones relocated to Las Vegas in 2002.  She completed her undergraduate and medical degrees from the University of Illinois.  She completed her pediatric residency training at Rush-Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical Center in Chicago.  She is the former owner of Hope Pediatric Centers in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV and the current founder and owner of Wildflower Medical Consultants.

In addition to her medical practices, she has served on several cannabis boards.  Other community service boards include; HerShe Las Vegas, Inc., Alliance Against Diabetes, and Broadway in the HOOD.  Dr. Jones has spoken on numerous panels regarding the usage of cannabis as medicine.  She was also appointed to a seat on the Clark County Green Ribbon Advisory Panel.


Carmen F. Jones, MD

Carmen F. jones, MD

Medicinal Cannabis Practitioner

Wildflower Medical Consultants

Medicator turned educator Ayako Monsell lives in Las Vegas, NV where she focuses on empowerment through information. She takes advantage of her background in data science to promote cannabinoid, terpenoid, and flavonoid education while leveraging integrative treatment through standardized testing. In her few short years in cannabis, she has been recognized among the valuable Women in Cannabis, and resident Hemp Fairy, in the local industry. 

Ayako Monsell has always had a head for numbers and an interest in cannabis. After finding the plant in college and graduating with a mathematics degree she spent a decade in contract roles with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, GA. From statistical programming and visual data display in environmental health to content management and public relations during the H1N1 epidemic to an open data repository for public health data and syndication. From there, she moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, where she continued in project management and mobile application development. 

Now known as My Hemp Fairy, it didn’t take Ayako long to start applying her background in public health toward an evolving environment. When she stumbled into medical cannabis in 2016, literally after having suffered a severe allergic reaction, natural curiosity took over. The Cannabis Analyst within was born out of an interest in understanding the terpene data that came with products sold in Nevada dispensaries. From there came the search for allergen-free products to incorporate into the healing process. This led her to offer assistance to a cannabis local doctor’s office with CBD sales where she was able to groom her cannabis knowledge and service to the Las Vegas industry as a Patient Consultant for the past few years. 

Quickly becoming an invaluable expertise in the cannabis community, Ayako provides quality information to help guide consumers on their path of treatment through her natural role as a Cannabis Analyst. This role adds even more value to her recommendations as a Patient Consultant while her dedicated interest to the community also serves her well as a natural Cannabis Network Coordinator, effortlessly connecting people with those best to meet their needs as businesses. 

As a true believer in the great plant spirits here on Mother Earth, Ayako’s personal interests lead her in the direction of spirituality and energy healing. Enjoying divination like oracle and tarot, these spirits assist in helping bring through the deeper messages of the universe. In the belief that everything is vibrational, she enjoys listening to binaural beats and frequencies to shift the energy. Ayako also enjoys playing with the elementals like fairies and angels for more joyful experiences. Ayako currently lives in Downtown Las Vegas with her sweet Shih Tzu Koi who helps her get out from the research rabbit holes daily. She appreciates the warm and dry summers in the desert there.  


Wildflower Medical Consultants

As a certified life, wellness and spiritual coach, my passion is working with those experiencing chronic illness who are committed towards creating a sustainable balance in their wellness. As a veteran trauma survivor, diagnosed with multiple conditions, having over 36 surgeries and procedures, I’ve spent my whole life battling trauma and illnesses.  I have made it to my place of healing and abundance with no lack. I am here to coach and guide you to your healing place.  I can assist you in the process of creating positive regimens and lifestyles for the mind, body and spirit. All intention is balance, grounding, awareness and aligning your mind and body to become synched together. I know the key to our healing is within, I’m here to reflect and hold you accountable to the whole person you were created to be a living free soul.

Christina currently serves in several influential positions.  She is the Chair of the Southern Nevada Veterans Mental Health Advocacy Council.  She is a member of the planning committee and a speaker for teen suicide awareness with Hope Means Nevada. Finally, she is a national speaker and educator on Military Sexual Trauma, PTSD and mental health wellness after trauma. Finally, she presented at the Congressional Black Caucus Veteran Braintrust of 2019    

Available for referral are LCSW and Medical Massage Therapist

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